Learn how to use electronics

Do you plan to own a laptop, digital camera, the latest smartphones, or use other trending technology? Get guidance before proceeding.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has made life simpler and more meaningful. You an interact and get consumables faster.

However, if you don’t know how to consume tech, you will be the prey.

There have never been cases of cyberbullying, hacking, and fake products in the market than in the past decade.

It all boils down to safe browsing and being picky with the technology you consume. You need to analyze and buy the best electronics.

The Load

If you have worked online, someone may have advised you to:

  1. Install the right antivirus and update it at the right time.
  2. Don’t click every ad or link you come across online
  3. It would help if you researched the qualities of the best machine before buying it
  4. Don't download apps if you doubt your device's safety
  5. Use or never use a VPN

The above examples imply that gone are the days when your online privacy was a thing for computer scientists. You have a significant role in your security (and that of your favorite gadget). It's an overload on you, right?

That’s why Dknuth is here, for you!

Role of Dknuth in the Equation

We are a group of dedicated content writers, copywriters, and software developers. We merge our diverse knowledgebase to simplify, for you, the best ways to stay safe while using the latest technology.

We inspect electronics and related software to determine if they are safe for consumption. What’s more?

Here’s the deal:

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